Chanel L. Porchia is the Founder and Executive Director of Ancient Song Doula Services. She is an activist, mother speaker, certified labor & postpartum doula, certified lactation counselor, midwifery assistant and student, vegan chef, and certified holistic health counselor specializing in high risk mothers, multiples, survivors of sexual trauma, VBAC's and DV, as well as a mother of six

beautiful children. She is also the co-trainer for ASDS trainings.

dequi kioni sadiki human rights advocate, artist, poet, feminist, advocate for political prisoners and their families, co-host/co-producer of the weekly public affairs show, Where We Live, on listener-sponsored WBAI-NY radio focusing on the issues of political/mass imprisonment, families and survivors of police terror and murder, repressive legislation, Puerto Rico and other grassroots organizing.  She is co-editor of the recently published "Look For Me in the Whirlwind: From the Panther 21 to 21st Century Revolutions."  


dequi kioni sadiki



These women’s stories are not well known, but are important to the shaping of our American history. My goal is to document each woman's sense of purpose, spirit, essence and contributions through an artistic lens with the purpose of promoting dialogue as a tool for liberation. 

My journey began over three years ago after recognizing a call to honor the lives of three extraordinary revolutionary Black women who I have been mentored and inspired by. It is important for me to share their stories. Having spent my life surrounded by many powerful and creative women of Color, I wish to celebrate and honor such brilliance, majesty and power with visibility. To learn more or to help donate to the project, please click here.


" To Move Mountains" is an experminetal documentary series that highlights the lives of

Nina Angela Mercer, dequi kioni sadiki and Chanel Porchia. The series consist of intimate portraits, juxtoposed with African and Indigienous symbols of strength,  historical references  and images that celebrate creativity and imagination and aims to faithfully capture the work and lives of three important cultural organizers for liberation. It highlights each woman's connection to personal power, the land and lives that they impact.  The feature length series will be completed by Fall of 2020. 


Honoring the lives and contributions of Black women in liberation movements.

Nina Angela Mercer cultural worker, artist, playwright, professor, advocate for survivors of domestic violence, advocate for reproductive justice, mother dedicated to the holistic liberation of Women of Color through ritual theatre and poetry. She is also an initiate in Palo Mayombe, serving community as Yayi Nkisi Malongo.