Lehna Huie (b.1988 NYC) is a multi-disciplinary artist, arts educator, curator, and cultural worker exercising a belief in the power of multi-vocal art. She is an artist amplifying stories of love, loss, and remembrance. Huie is deeply committed to the fusion of arts and social change as a path to liberation: exploring the past, present and the future of struggle and freedom. Central to Huie's creative work is her utilization of artistic expression as a compass for healing our world. Her work embodies cultural critique, celebration, and transformation.  

Huie’s studio practice makes use of various materials on canvas, paper, and wooden surfaces. Her portraits and figurative work are highly textured. Often layered with diverse materials: paint, plaster, sawdust, beads as well as found objects, her work brings forth a symphony of moods. Grounded by the global community, New York City life, and the essence of her familial homeland in Jamaica, Huie is ever inspired by the African Diaspora.

Lehna continues her studio practice through her current body of work entitled “ I Be Your Water”. Huie is creating "multi-vocal" art works and artifacts that explore and celebrate the lives of Black women through the juxtaposition of various forms of Ancient African/Indigenous spirituality in conversation with the current political climate. These pieces are representations that “saint” them as a form of storytelling.  The journey will culminate into a traveling installation that will be completed by Summer 2020.